Did you know... 

  • Since 2006, drug-related deaths have surpassed auto accidents as a leading cause of death in Illinois.
  • An average of 19,000 drug – and alcohol-related ER hospitalizations occur in Illinois each year to help individuals detoxify from drugs and alcohol, but most of these individuals never transition to treatment. Haymarket provides both detoxification and comprehensive treatment to ensure patients have the best chances of recovery from the disease of addiction. AND Haymarket services are much more cost-effective than hospitalization.
  • Haymarket has helped deliver nearly 1,800 drug-free babies, saving Illinois over $45 - million in neonatal intensive care costs.

Together we can ensure...

Haymarket can continue to help stabilize individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol and provide comprehensive treatment and recovery support to ensure long term recovery. YOU can be a part of helping someone change his or her life! Join with us today in supporting the services that Haymarket provides.

  • Effective addiction treatment
  • Helping Pregnant women deliver healthy, drug-free babies
  • Job training and workforce development
  • Recovery homes and aftercare